Parent Review: Goldfish Swim School


By Kelly Rostorfer, NE Columbus, Ohio, Macaroni KID Publisher January 11, 2023

Are you looking for a new way to introduce your child to the water? Goldfish Swim School offers a unique and proven approach to swim instruction for children that helps them feel comfortable and confident in the water—all while having FUN! I’m going to dive into what makes Goldfish Swim School stand out from the competition!

1.)The Stress- Free Environment

The moment I walked into Goldfish Swim School I was immediately impressed. The beautiful, vibrant colors and beachy vibes throughout the facility made me feel like I stepped into a tropical paradise. What really stood out to me was Goldfish Swim School’s passion for children! Throughout the facility there are book stations and coloring stations with fun themed projects each month. Tyler really enjoys checking in on the resident aquatic creatures (turtles and fish) while he is waiting for “swim time” to start. As a parent, I love that I get to sit in a comfortable climate-controlled viewing area where I can watch him progress in each lesson! They have adorable cabana style changing rooms, which are great for those cold winter months. I love that they have a hair drying station AND a mini dryer for swimsuits. The mini dryer is simple to use and takes that soggy swim suit from soaking wet to slightly damp within seconds! No more soggy swim bags!


2. Learning Proper Technique 

When swim time begins, the instructors take the time to get to know each child and make them feel comfortable in the water. The attention to detail and enthusiasm for teaching is remarkable. Every class is fun, interactive, and tailored to the children's age and skill level. It has really been amazing to see how quickly Tyler has progressed in each lesson. He is currently working on the proper technique for breathing while swimming his front crawl (free style). I LOVE that his instructor does not let him get away with just simply turning his head to the side. Each lesson the message is consistent, and he is reinstructed on rolling from front to back to really learn the proper technique from the beginning! I love that at the end of EVERY lesson I get a one-on-one with his swim instructor to discuss his progress and any swim skills that still need some extra attention. I also get a progress report sent directly to my inbox after each class that show me his progress with each skill. It is a simple 1-3 star system. You ALWAYS know exactly what is being taught and your child's individual comfort level with each skill. You do not have to wait until the end of an 8 week session to understand your child's progress! 

            * I was a Certified Water Safety Instructor for over a decade, and Tyler has been enrolled in swim lessons at different facilities. I can confidently say, the level of care and consistent attention to detail at Goldfish Swim School is unmatched!

3. Variety of Class times 

Goldfish Swim School was clearly created BY PARENTS FOR PARENTS! Swimming class times are created to accommodate busy schedules like yours! They offer early mornings, afternoon and evening times, including availability during the weekend! If your schedule changes, simply let them know and they can find a new day and time that’s most convenient for you. Or you can make scheduling changes from your fingertips with the Goldfish Swim School Application. It’s that simple. No time is wasted, no money is wasted, and your child can stay on track with no interruptions to his or her development.

In addition to convenient scheduling, Goldfish Swim School offers a simple monthly payment plan rather than grouping the costs of your lessons into one large fee for you to pay in advance. 

4. Focus on Safety

Goldfish understands that as a parent, your child’s safety is of utmost importance. Every month they present a new topic to celebrate, and they always have a clever connection to water safety. I love that Tyler is learning lifesaving skills without even realizing it! I love that the class sizes are always small to ensure safety. The maximum student to teacher ratio is 4:1! You cannot find that everywhere. This small class size also allows the best learning environment and personalized instruction for each student. 

5. Overall Value

In my opinion, Goldfish Swim School TRULY provides the BEST VALUE for Swimming in Columbus, Ohio. The stress- free environment, dedication to proper technique, variety of classes/ times and focus on safety are unmatched! You will not find another facility that checks all these boxes and continues to exceed expectations! With your commitment to Goldfish, you will receive a confident swimmer, with a love of water and LIFELONG Skills!