A Review: Johnston-Mcvay Park

By Kelly Walk, NE Columbus Macaroni Kid Ambassador Mom July 1, 2021

Johnston-Mcvay Park 

480 S Hempstead Road 

Westerville, OH 43081

What we love about Johnston-Mcvay Park

This is the newest park in Westerville and it is tons of fun! It has a natural feel to it with the play equipment made to replicate nature. Kids can climb, swing and slide down the roller slides. It is truly unique and we loved discovering the giant nest of eggs and hawk sculpture. There is a paved leisure trail and a children’s story to read along the Story Trail. The Parks and Recreation department are still adding more features to the park this summer. It’s definitely one to check out!

Amenities at Johnston-Mcvay Park:

  • Restrooms
  • Story trail
  • Slides
  • Paved Leisure Trail
  • Playground
  • Climbing Area
  • Water Feature