Theater classes that help kids find their joy!

By Good Medicine Productions January 25, 2021

Eight-year-old Graham was struggling with the isolation. During the summer months when kids normally run around with other kids, in the middle of a pandemic, Graham and his younger brother were feeling very stuck at home.

“I decided to sign them up for Good Medicine’s Virtual Wizard Camp,” said  Graham’s mom, Carissa Richardson, a Dublin resident. “The in-person camp was canceled due to the pandemic so we thought what the heck.”

“The boys were in absolute heaven,” Richardson said and they continued to take Good Medicine’s classes through the fall.

“They help you have a funner time,” said Brooks Richardson, 6.

In Ms. Kitty’s Character Creations Class, kids develop a theatrical character throughout the 5-week course working on physicality and vocal techniques. It culminates into a virtual showcase of fun all led by a firecracker of a teaching artist, Ms. Kitty (aka Pamela Chermansky).

“I feel like they make your imagination run wild. You feel like you can do anything!” said Graham Richardson, 8.

While Good Medicine’s class offerings for kids are theater-based it’s also an opportunity for kids to create some joy within themselves and for others.

“It’s a great balance of engaging in the theater arts and just being silly,” said Chermansky, the camp's creator.

Proceeds from Good Medicine classes go to their signature program which brings professional performers bedside to pediatric facilities and nursing homes in central Ohio to help reduce anxiety, isolation and sadness in the medical environment. 

Check out Good Medicine’s upcoming classes: Ms. Kitty’s Character Creations Ms. Kitty’s Character Creations starting Feb. 4 at