Geocaching Adventure

A Modern Day Treasure Hunt

By Kristen Hankins and Hollie Lau April 28, 2020
Have you wanted to find a way to get outdoors and go on a different type of adventure with your children?  Geocaching may be just the thing for you!  This is a real-world “treasure hunt” where you use your phone or any other GPS device to locate hidden containers.  The containers range in size and difficulty to find.   Once you find the container, you exchange trinkets in the container and sign a logbook, leaving a trail of people who have visited the cache.   

Here are a few FAQ about geocaching:

Q - How can we get started?
A-Simply go HERE and create a free account.  You can upgrade any time to a membership allowing you access to more caches and features.  The website gives you all of the information you need to get started.

Q - What do I need to go geocaching?
A - Any handheld GPS device will work.  You will use this to find the location of the container.  We find that carrying around a Ziplock bag filled with trinkets to trade and a
pen is helpful. 

Q - Where are caches located?
A - Caches are located all over the world!  They can be anywhere from a park to a
neighbor’s flower garden.

Q - What age is geocaching good for?
A - Our children range from ages 2-5 years old.  For a younger age, you have to do the navigating to the location, but once you are close, they can hunt for the container themselves.  Once we found a few caches, the kids caught on very quickly!  Older children can read the GPS device and find the geocaches pretty much on their own with a little adult guidance.  Each cache has a difficulty rating which makes it easier to decide which ones you want to do for the age of your child/children.  

Geocaching is such a neat way to get outside and explore your neighborhood in a different way!  Our children get so excited each time they discover a hidden cache. Some caches even have some great surprises in them such as “travel bugs” that you can track online to see where they have been!  If you are looking for a different type of adventure to get into with your family, then give this a try.  You never know what you may learn or find on your “treasure hunt”!